Therapeutic Massage -- We will discuss your needs and create a massage protocol to meet your specific needs, either a full body massage or specific areas that need work. By combining Eastern and Western techniques and philosophy, I use various massage and stretching techniques along with varying amounts of pressure to suit your needs. From relaxation to zeroing in on problematic areas, I will utilize a highly therapeutic treatment meant to address your primary area of concern. Unless contraindicated, I frequently employ the use of hydrotherapy to relax your back muscles so that your massage is the ultimate in relaxation. Finally, a hot sterilized towel will be used to cleanse the excess oil/cream from your feet to ensure your safety and comfort and to bring closure to the session.

Hot Stone Massage -- Heated basalt stones are placed on the body to heat the muscles and then massage is used to systematically release tension and relax the body. This combination is the ultimate in holistic relaxation and rejuvenation. The therapist uses the stones as an extension of the hands while performing massage techniques. In addition to the hot stones, other therapeutic massage techniques are used to ensure that your muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated.

Pre and Post Natal Massage ( Not offered in first trimester ) -- As a woman progresses through the many phases of pregnancy, structural and hormonal changes can result in added tension, edema and imbalance. This massage addresses the upper back, lower back and hips to relieve weight-bearing discomfort through the second and third trimester, up to delivery and after. ( Not offered in first trimester.)

Reflexology -- The main goal of the reflexology is to encourage the body to naturally correct and balance itself. Soothing music will enhance your relaxing experience. I start off with a hot towel combined with essential oils to warm your feet. Once your feet are relaxed, I work on all reflex areas of the entire foot thoroughly by applying different pressure to the various parts of your feet. Afterwards, I use an exfoliant followed by lotion to rejuvenate your feet and lower legs. Finally, I use hot stones to warm up and massage the problem areas of your feet and lower legs. You will experience a wonderful reflexology massage.